About OSHO Manan


"All great masters have created buddhafields. If a field can be created, it is even more helpful. When there are millions of people meditating, a great field is created. You are not alone; there are people ahead of you, there are people behind you. The people who are ahead are telling you, “Yes, this happens, but it disappears.” And you can tell people who are behind you, “Yes, this happens, what is happening to you, but it disappears.” You are in a chain.

That’s why communes have been created, down the ages. Around each great master a commune arises – it has to arise. It creates a certain energy-field: in that energy-field, people can grow more easily. It becomes the Garden."



OSHO Manan Neo-Sannyas Commune

'OSHO' is a new beginning in the stream of Enlightenment. By presenting vision of new man ' Zorba The Buddha' to the world he started new path where Science & Religion merge together first time.

During late 60's a rebellious voice emerged in the Spiritual World namely 'Acharya Shree Rajneesh' and was spread like forest fire in India .

People of India were influenced through his discourses and those who were seeking for truth started to gather around him from rest of the world.

In 1970, OSHO resided in Mumbai. During this period from every part of Gujarat,seekers started to take interest in Osho Discourses. They invited Osho for conducting meditation camps & discourse series. They were influenced by his exceptional clarity and deep thinking about truth and many of them joined in the flow of rebellious consciousness.

Meanwhile many seekers from Mehsana City,which is situated in northern part of Gujarat, acquainted with Osho. In 1974-75 Osho started to reside in Pune. Some seekers from Mehsana met and requested Osho (At that time known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) that they also wanted to contribute in propagating vision of Osho.

Osho directed them to start a Meditation Centre so that seekers from Rajsthan & Gujarat can meditate there. On the same line on 31-03-1976 Rajneesh Manan Dhyan Kendra (Rajneesh Manan Meditation Centre) was established under the trusteeship of Swami Hari Chaitanya & Swami Anand Vairagya. They purchased 10 acres land on 16-07-1977 for Ashram by putting tremendous efforts ( Plus 2 Acres after 4-5 Years).

On approaching OSHO to take permission for inaugurating a centre, Osho directed them to start full fledged Meditation Activities in this Dhyan Kendra (Meditation Centre) which had to be self sufficient in agriculture & husbandary of Cow & buffalo, which ultimately can help Poona Commune.

Hence, Trustees of this Meditation Centre cleared the land & started plantation of trees & covered the barren land with green trees. Indoor meditation hall & Open Meditation Hall were constructed to facilitate seekers for meditation with an office. Besides a tube well, a small hut and a small library were established.

To make Centre productive Cows were purchased. Their milk was sold at Doodh Sagar Dairy.

After 1980, regular meditation camps were arranged quarter yearly.

In 1981, some more activities had been started with the help of some other sanyasis.

In 1982-83 some disciples from Mehsana constructed six rooms in commune. During same period Ashram sent 50,000/- Rs. To Rajneeshpuram - Oragon Commune ( North America ).

When Osho returned from America , Trustees of Rajneesh Manan Dhyan Kendra were invited by Osho and asked them to sell this Centre to make a big commune in Bombay , Which eventually could not happen because of Osho's decision to reside at Poona.

On 31/03/1994 Two more trustees from Rajneesh Foundation, Pune were incorporated in Trustee Mandal. They reconstructed some rooms & constructed a kitchen.

1993-94, Swami Jayesh (Who is Incharge Of Osho International Foundation, Pune) Planted " Maul Shree Tree" from Jabalpur(M.P) on which osho enlightned.

In 1996, Trustees from Osho International Foundation, Pune resigned but assured to continue co-operation appointed.

In 1993, Swami Anand Vairagya became Managing Trustee, who is still actively participating in progress of Commune.

On 14.06.2001 Swami Anand Swabhava was incorporated as Trustee of The Commune. Since then Commune has progressed by leaps & bounds,and has become one of the important Communes in India after Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune.